Symbiotic Networks Will Expand Publishing into Pitt and Craven Counties

    Symbiotic Publishing Company, a division of Symbiotic Networks, Inc., and developer and owner of the concept of geocentric moderated informational platforms, will expand its publishing and coverage into Pitt and Craven Counties.

    These two fledgling publications, based on the successful prototype of Beaufort County NOW, are already published, experiencing traffic, and awaiting the moderated, geocentric direction that only a publisher can give. To that end, the Symbiotic Publishing Company has located publishers in both counties to act in concert with the vision of our management, and to the betterment of the inter communication efforts of the these respective communities at large. Succinctly put, we believe that our proven concept of Beaufort County NOW's unlimited variety of meaningful content, much of it unique, is one that will succeed in any, and every community, providing that the publisher, moderating each publication, seamlessly displays the talent to complete that task.

    The that effective end, the Symbiotic Publishing Company will aid each publisher with our leading cutting edge technology and proven guidance to afford every publisher-in-training an excellent opportunity for success. Success, and excellence in every manner of the effort, is our ultimate goal, and if we shall persevere to that ultimate conclusion.

    Bearing that in mind, the management of Symbiotic Publishing Company will endeavor to partner with competent publishers, and will continue to holdout that opportunity to others interested in purposeful communication, thus using our estimable capabilities to help others succeed under our guidance, with our vast, growing inventory of content, employing our cutting edge, proprietary technology that works quite well.

    Geocentric sites are now accessible

    Craven County NOW (CCN),, and Pitt County NOW (PCN),, are published, full of thousands of pages of content, and currently with a readership of around 250 unique IP addresses a day for Craven County NOW and about 425 unique IP addresses a day for Pitt County NOW . Admittedly, this is a beginning, but a good beginning nonetheless.

    Just like Beaufort County NOW grew in traffic, in just the last few short years, Craven County NOW will grow as well, but faster due to its vast associative infrastructure currently in place, and quite frankly, these counties have a much larger base of support, and need, for this superior proprietary platform that we now provide.

    Because of our associative infrastructure to support these large huge local markets, we will begin marketing these fledgling periodicals as we are now with the well established Beaufort County NOW, and, therefore, shall endeavor to: sink our literary tentacles into the community, provide the leadership of purpose to expand our geocentric coverage of events important to the community, while, likewise, providing an established platform for the community to communicate important ideas, and important events, even products.

    As we initiate these publications in their respective counties, we too must sell our wide array of web based products listed here below:

Craven County / Pitt County NOW Now Advertisement Rates:

    Symbiotic Publishing Company, the publisher of Beaufort County Now, Craven County NOW (CCN) and Pitt County NOW (PCN), has initiated its first advertisement list of prices, bolstered by certifiable traffic statistics and powered by our proprietary script, Symbiotic Publisher.

    Beaufort County Now (BCN), powered by Symbiotic Publisher, is an informational platform whose primary objective is to remain a supremely effective vehicle for broadcasting news and information of all objectives that is suitable to publish.

    Our secondary objective is to help others to market their products, their ideas, and ultimately to make money through advertisement. To that end, offer these most reasonable rates to those who wish to gain a leadership position in their market of product, or ideas:

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