Beaufort County NOW Will Provide a Most Popular Platform

You have to build it before they will come.

    And to that end, we are currently near the top in local search, and ascending in relevance as a valuable communicative resource - our platform, the community's communicative platform.

    Beaufort County NOW is our prototype; I've said it often. With our (the SNI team's) prototype as that platform, my next proof is to prove that the site makes money, which it will once we take the time away from our many projects to sell space on our well developed, well traveled platform.

    The key phrase is well-traveled.

    Besides having a moderated informational platform that we are proud of, we have a periodical that others find as a resource - maybe a valuable one - and we are thankful for their patronage, their readership, and we will always endeavor to provide a resource that is worthy of that patronage. But now, we seek to make money so that we might continue, and to that end we will first seek support and sponsorship from the Beaufort County Community, and then we will seek support and sponsorship from other communities that wish to capitalize on what we can do, and on what we can jointly accomplish.

    Once again, we built it. We built all of the tens of thousands of BCN's pages; many of which are indelibly indexed, and indexed quite well, in Google's search engine, and while we have patiently waited to fully expose our platform's prowess, as a marketable entity, until we are ready, Google has well demonstrated the relevance of what we built, what we do, and has rewarded BCN with high placements under key search terms.

    This is the way of the internet. While one endeavors to develop a loyal following, one must create a worthy presence on the 'net, one that uniquely captures the interest of others, which is manifested in one's proclivity toward search. We have done this, and to provide proof of our success, as per Google, I am providing samples here below that were sampled from the world's largest search engine, Google, on April 27, 2013:

Search term: Beaufort County - result; position 3, page 1 out of 6,020,000 results.
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   The vast majority of these search terms, offered as proof, begin with the term Beaufort County since this is the largest descriptor of this immediate region. In the use of the search term, Beaufort County, BCN competes not only with other entities from this North Carolina region, but that region in South Carolina, just across the Savannah River from Savannah, Georgia - Beaufort County, South Carolina. This is the heart of the world renowned South Carolina Low Country, and is well known for the historic, and very lovely town of Beaufort, SC (like the county is pronounced "Boofut"), the Paris Island Marine Corps base, and an entire island shaped like a high-top basketball shoe known as Hilton Head. Remarkably, Beaufort County NOW stacks up incredibly well against our friends far to the south as well as all entities in this region of North Carolina.

    So if you are a Realtor, and wish to compete on the World Wide Web with all things Beaufort, and you do not avail yourself to BCN, and the wide array of Symbiotic Networks' web services, wouldn't a wise real estate purveyor need to ask themselves: Well, why aren't I?

Search term: Beaufort County, news - result; position 1, page 1 out of 3,790,000 results.
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Search term: Beaufort County, news and information - result; position 3, page 1 out of 4,410,000 results.
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Search term: Beaufort County, editorials - result; positions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 (our .info satellite site), page 1 out of 153,000 results.
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Search term: Beaufort County, government meetings - result; positions 4 and 5, positions 6 and 7 are our sites as well; page 1 out of 359,000 results.
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