Symbiotic Networks Will Begin Marketing its Products

    Symbiotic Networks Incorporated will now market its wide array of internet products. We will do this by calling on business people, even politicians, but you may contact us, as well, at your leisure. We are here to help.

    To that end, I have made a conscious decision not to market, with any definitive resolve, until I put most of the pieces of this puzzle together, and while we are not perfect, by our standards, we far exceed all other possible competition in northeastern North Carolina. These are products that will provide the serious supplier of products and services the very best presence that can currently be achieved today - at least here in northeastern North Carolina.

    What is even more remarkable is that we have honed our product and the associated human capital to implement our products and services to such a fine point, our prices for said services are quite outstanding. To bolster that inarguable point, we begin by offering our initial schedule of prices on five our six initial advertisement vehicles:

Banners on:
Moderated informational platforms (vertical and horizontal)
Satellite sites (vertical and horizontal)
Portfolio page(s)
Provides updatable space within our sites' informational frame
Classified ads
Updatable space offered only to our contract clients at no additional charge
Website development
Customized to fit the needs of the client
Content Management System (CMS)
Our Symbiotic Publisher (CMS) system to power any site
Professional consultation
Even as the region's foremost entrepreneurs in managing and displaying data, we are available at very reasonable rates

    What else is there?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

    SEO. While SEO is important, we absolutely do not believe in its misuse by the vast majority of SEO vendors, suppliers, and some frauds who wrongly sell the unsophisticated on its vague purpose. We contend, in the purpose and manner that most of them sell this product, that it is a cyber sugar rush at best, and a scam at worst. We built search engine optimization (SEO) features directly into the script, the machinations of Symbiotic Publisher, with our prototype, Beaufort County NOW, a prime example of an optimized site well searched. Let me restate that: Extraordinarily searched.

    This well explains why Beaufort County NOW is the top searched site originating from Beaufort County, and unquestionably one of the top three in traffic. This search engine optimization, essential in development and instrumental in its purpose, is what has given BCN its boost - a continuous boost that has taken us to the top. This SEO feature, within the construct of Symbiotic Publisher, our Content Management System, comes at no charge.

    But that fine price will not do you any service if you do not use our product(s).

    But consider this redundant news flash: This vastly superior delivery system, Symbiotic Publisher, is now available to our clients who need a superior stand-alone-site, and if you do as we train you, it will serve you well, in scale, just as it has served our prototype, Beaufort County NOW, and those client who will be wise to use BCN as a vehicle to display their products.

    This unequaled delivery system is best personified through our aforementioned proprietary Symbiotic Publisher, which we are offering you as a CMS to manage, upload and display your data, your content, and just like we have employed that CMS to power our prototype, Beaufort County NOW (BCN) to gain a firm advantage on our competition, it can serve you as well.

    To that end, and now that we have built a small, but capable sales staff to market our internet based products, we offer these published prices below, with a schedule of incentive based discounts that are based on our initial offering. No sites originating from northeastern North Carolina favorably compares to BCN in functionality, and we because of this one truth, we can help you achieve that same promise.

    We begin with our rates on Beaufort County NOW (BCN), which is the backbone of all we do in the Beaufort County region ...

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