SNI Publishes it's Own Interconnected Web

And a few other items discussed.

    What is SNI (Symbiotic Networks Incorporated)?

    I ask this question rhetorically for two reasons: 1) Most folks haven't a clue what we do; 2) I wish to briefly explain our most current advances.

    First, I well understand why folks do not know who we are: I have been more concerned with developing the product rather than selling them. The selling begins now, or soon, depending on when you hear from me or are visited by me. When that occurs, do yourself a favor and speak with me and try to understand what I relate to you. In the matter of all manner of web services, we will endeavor to be all things to all people, but we will not try but so hard. If you don't use us on the first go round, we hope you will consider us at a later opportunity. At some point some member of your crush of competition will use us and he will be in possession of the most complete web products, at the very best value in our region. This I am certain of.

    Secondly, I will briefly explain our products, and should you have immediate interest, I will gather with you to explain them in complete detail. As I begin this, I ask you to understand this one truth: The internet, and its viewership, best appreciates where information is treated best.

    We will treat it best. We have worked extremely long hours to get to that point. Research and Development (R & D) has been our 'daily grind', which we intend to continue; however, the pursuit of profits, and having the financial ability to hire more qualified folks will be our nascent ambition from here on.

    By concentrating on R & D, we provide the very best Content Management (CMS) platforms for our clients to display their information, their content. We also provide the best for our sites, such as Beaufort County NOW (BCN), northeastern North Carolina's only geocentric Moderated Informational Platform, and best performing news and information website. Our state-of-the-art, leading edge, time saving CMS is titled Symbiotic Publisher, and when you choose to power your site by it, you are choosing the very best Content Management System available.

    For us, here at SNI, and I realize that I have mentioned this often, we have employed BCN as our prototype to devise how to better provide information in the visual medium of the internet. We are confident that we have achieved our goal, but that goal edges a bit farther from our grasp as we continue to seek a more perfect method of conveying information, ideas, truths of all stripes, hence the continued necessity for R & D.

    To date, it has been a 'labor of love', since profits have not been high on our list of achievements. Now that the profit motive will step to the fore, I, and eventually we, will hit the streets in search of those customers that want the best web services available in this region of Northeastern North Carolina. With our level of service as good as it can get right now, it nigh time to place R & D 'back on the middle burner', and finally concentrate on profits.

    Profits needed? Time to sell our access to traffic ... something we have developed and continue to develop at great proficiency. One would like to think that one has developed that traffic over the years from just outstanding posts packed with fabulous information, and stimulating visuals, but in this internet competitive age, it take more than that. Our prototype, Beaufort County NOW, can do all of this, and offer it to a wide range of readers, growing larger, but not without some tricks - the tricks of search engine optimization (SEO).

    You'll never catch me extolling the virtues of SEO, at the exclusion of every other option of attracting traffic, but I will admit that it works; however, not on a long term basis unless one sets a ring-fence of traffic inducers to reach the public, and, ultimately, the Search Engines. Generally SEO is a sugar rush for the Search Engines ... until one gets found out by them for your SEO gimmicks, and then it is a quick return trip back down the Search Engine ladder.

    What we offer is a more long term, far less expensive option of: a better website construct laced with real key words in the recesses of your internal site map; an inexpensive long term advertisement package utilizing a plethora of links, including satellite sites; and as an advisory role/consultant, with expressive technical writing if needed; a social business networking system of our own construct that is just now taking shape - Below, we offer an expanding diagram of these initiatives, and an explanation is available upon request.
Click here or the image to get a good glimpse of the beginning of the whole picture of SNI's published Interconnected Web

    This is our Interconnected Web, our sphere of influence, with our continued intent to grow all sites. These sites, save the satellites, are Social with our Symbiotic Publisher CMS powering them to outstanding performance with traffic performance on the incline.

    New Initiatives to be Discussed at a Later Date, from our R & D Laboratory

    SimpleSite: Non database driven, but updatable, sites that are easier to operate, and a less expensive service contract than Symbiotic Publisher. Not everyone needs the complete package of Symbiotic Publisher, but they want to be able to maintain their own site. SNI's proprietary service SimpleSite will do that.

    Responsive Sites: We have developed the knowledge to convert any site into responsive ones for phones and tablets; however, we have also discovered that it is much less expensive, and more efficient, to develop responsive sites from the beginning. To that end, we are building skeleton templates that are responsive to smart phones, tablets, laptop/notebooks and desktops; most of them for our proprietary Symbiotic Publisher CMS and a few for our Simple Site management system.

    Projects (work-orders) - Still in the development phase with many iterations to come. Consider the opportunity to manage the business of your company's projects and people on your own site, with your closed Social system. More later as we progress to our first fruition.

    Resumes: Also in development. Imagine having access to a plethora of information of those that wish to work for you. Now consider that ability to choose from a larger field of candidates from a central Social system.

    Speaking of Resumes: We are seeking intelligent, motivated sales people and creative publishers. But more about this later, and on a continued basis.

    We will keep you informed, but you can always contact us here below:

    If you have an interest in excellence, and a firm need to compete bigger and better than your competition on the internet, you may wish to contact:

    Stan Deatherage,
     Accounts Manager   •   Publisher of BCN   •   President of Symbiotic Networks, Inc.
     SNI# (252) 946-1132   •   cell# (252) 944-3905   •   •   or better yet, sign up and message me on BCN @ (Click on "Send Private Message")

    Chris Downey,
     Accounts Manager
     SNI# (252) 946-1132   •

SNI is Searching for Ambitious People Who Wish to Make a Difference, to Lead News & Updates Sales and Discounts and Such