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The month of August for BCN was nothing short of an outstanding month, where we bested our best in: unique IPs per day, hits, while coming in a close second in page views, and exceeding a number of important milestones.
Symbiotic Networks (SNI) has nearly completed the next strategic phase of our Symbiotic Publisher CMS (Content Management System), which will enhance our ability help our clients better market themselves and their products, now seeks capable personnel to help us attain that next level.
Recently an associate of mine in other professional life, county commissioner expressed to me, "I really like Beaufort County NOW; however, I look at the latest articles, I see one I want to read when I find time, and when I come back its gone."
SNI (Symbiotic Networks, Inc.), the originator of Symbiotic Publisher, which powers Beaufort County NOW (BCN), will use the remarkable success of BCN to help others that must better communicate their positions, their products.
SNI (Symbiotic Networks, Inc.) had to build our product before we could market it, and now that time is drawing nigh.
July served as a month of firsts for Beaufort County NOW as we set a number of new standards as our readership continues to grow and the quality of our product continue to supersede our competition, but not our expectations.
I would like to begin by apologizing to all of our many readers for our creeping speed today. We fixed the problem, but not without some great diligence.
Pricing for the many services we offer tend to vary making them hard to follow, if you don't know your way around. So, for simplicity's sake, we've put a few charts together to use a little more of a visual approach. If you'd like to read a little further...
Beaufort County NOW is our prototype; I've said it often. And as our prototype, my next proof is to prove that the site makes money, which it will once we take the time away from our many projects to sell others space on our well developed, well traveled platform.
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