Tough Day for BCN, We had the slows ...

    I would like to begin by apologizing to all of our many readers for our creeping speed today. We fixed the problem, but not without great diligence of effort and thinking outside the box, which is quite common around here.

    As soon as David Winstead, SNI's IP (Intellectual Property) Director, came in, I tasked him with the duty of fixing the problem. When our site creeps, this is a big problem for multiple reasons: We have other county NOWs, some getting some respectable traffic totals, and we have our prototype, Beaufort County NOW (BCN), which has an average of about 4,000 readers per day, and yesterday, we had well over 15,000 unique page views, so we are quite serious about our informational platform's performance.

    Today was a whole other experience. We creeped ... creeped so bad ... I put up few articles. I can only imagine how much less readership we experienced today.

    The upside is that it appears we fixed the problem. In our efforts to cover all our bases, we also upgraded our server storage, memory and bandwidth to the ultimate levels offered. Before that Dave tinkered with our Symbiotic Publisher Content Management System (CMS), and then loaded a new header rotator that Dave had built early on, and just "had it laying around."

    We even discussed ending our monthly Webalizer statistical service, which is a web based analytical service embedded within our proprietary CMS. If we do uninstall Webalizer on a monthly basis, we will re-install it on a quarterly basis so we can gauge our traffic and traffic patterns so we will know what to charge. I hope this will not be necessary because I like knowing our daily traffic, and we are the only only local information purveyors, who publishes our traffic statistics on a regular basis.

    In the end, we are up and running and faster than ever. We intend to it that way, but we do apologize for today.

    Publisher's and president's note: Just like the good dentist with bad teeth, we, especially me, Stan Deatherage, have allowed our corporate website, Symbiotic Networks, Inc. (SNI) to languish, while we, especially me, have taken our fledgling prototype, Beaufort County NOW (BCN), to new heights, building it into one of the most important, and most visited and most Searched news and information sites in northeastern North Carolina ... and all of this without initializing a serious marketing plan for BCN yet.

    Well no more, at least on the SNI part. Just as we have done wonders with BCN, we, and especially I, shall endeavor to build SNI's site, at least at a corporate level, to the steely heights of BCN. This is my promise.

    What you will witness at the SNI site today, will be markedly less than what you will see there tomorrow, for I intend to build it up - using our propriety Symbiotic Publisher content management system (the same CMS that powers BCN). As I work to complete this task, I, and my sales associate, coding associate and publishing associate, Chris Downey, will work to that same end with me as well, and we will be even more emboldened to assist the corporate / company leader, who is wise enough to know how important it is to reach out on the internet.

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It is beginning to occur in spurts rather than sputters - BCN improving upon its past in popularity, and in a successive manner.
Not only did our server go down, but we lost nearly two and one half months of data, in short, posts, well considered posts gone.
This post should have been written almost three weeks ago, but with all that has transpired, I have been busy of late, and I have written very little about many things, but still have most of these worlds still whirling around in my head, so here goes.
Beaufort County Now has had an exemplary year, but November, 2015, after our best month ever, October, 2015, started with a whimper, but finished with a bang to top our best month ever for Unique IPs per day.
It was close, but BCN's October, 2015, month of daily traffic ascended to a level that allowed Beaufort County NOW to capture the 'brass ring' of sustained popularity to monthly best that blowout time of March, 2015, by the slimmest of margins.
Beaufort County NOW (BCN), northeastern North Carolina's only moderated Informational Platform, had yet another second best month in a row, and consistently improved in traffic, or was it our best?
Beaufort County NOW (BCN), northeastern North Carolina's only moderated Informational Platform, has consistently improved in traffic from the drop in readership after March, 2015, which was the blowout month that 'took our breath away'.
What takes an internet publication form a local communication portal - just so one might cry out a few salient ideals - to that community's dominant player, to a regional juggernaut?
Beaufort County NOW (BCN) did not have its best month to date, but it did have it's third best month so far this year, which means it was our third best month since we began it September, 2009. We'll take it.
Beaufort County NOW, originating in Beaufort County, has registered four straight months of traffic exceeding 180,000 page views per day, and, henceforth, must NOW claim the mantel of regional publication here in northeastern North Carolina.
Beaufort County NOW (BCN) will no longer be a stand alone entity, with a concentration on all subjects on God's complicated earth; BCN will now stand with Beaufort County Business (BCB) to concentrate on serving the business community in Beaufort County and the region of northeastern North Carolina.
Beaufort County NOW is now the number one website originating from Beaufort County, and trust me on this one fact: It was no 'walk in the park'.
As many of you may have noticed, there are subtle changes to Beaufort County NOW. And while they may seem insignificant to some naked eyes, they represent a major turning point for what we intend to provide, and the direction that it will be provided to the community.
Recently, I set my energies to recount to anyone that would take any interest in what we do, what we've done, and how it has, and shall further make a difference in better expressing who we are here Downeast.
Our proprietary Content Management System, Symbiotic Publisher, which powers Beaufort County NOW, has just gone through a major upgrade, and we are done for now. We will be adjusting BCN's template to one that can be more easily replicated and hopefully fully Responsive to all devices.
Last month, as our publisher of Beaufort County NOW as I was making some sense of our periodic mediocre traffic (at least for us), I stated that: "In terms of traffic, Beaufort County NOW (BCN) has hit a lull in expansion - more than we have experienced in the past."