Beaufort County NOW had a Near Catastrophic Day, but we are Recovering (Updated - Recovered)

For the next few days, beginning January 4, 2016 (the day we went down and database tables corrupted), we shall endeavor to recover, and we shall succeed.

    Not only did our server go down, but we lost nearly two and one half months of data, in short, all of our well considered posts from about 70 days were gone. Fortunately, some will be recovered today from our surrogate sites: Pitt County NOW, Dare County NOW, and others; but, some will have to be recovered from a forensic process of lifting from Google cached source code, and even then, we shall lose some posts.

    What happened yesterday, while we struggle to get the site back up, is that around ten (60%) database tables were "corrupted" by external forces; and by that sinister force, we lost this significant content. In all our years, this has never happened, but well signals to us one truth: We need to get the HELL AWAY from this server provider, so that changeover will be yet another inconvenience to be endured as we move such a huge site, as BCN is, to a more stable home. We will accomplish this as soon as we are recovered.

    Fortunately, if there is such a thing as fortune right now, all of many our uploaded images, and there are many 10's of thousands, were preserved; as was our new 'leading edge' mapping system, our headers, our banners and our pages. If there is another silver lining here, it is by this adversity, we hone our skills, and we steel our resolve to continue to create and maintain, the top online publication in northeastern North Carolina. I reiterate from moments past, this very special Beaufort County NOW is primarily our prototype, it is our baby, and it will continue.

    In closing, I would like to thank my "No. 1 Guy", and creative partner, Man Cave Dave (David Winstead), for his calm, his resolve to correct an interminable situation, and his devotion to continued excellence in process, and my boy in the trenches - The Kid - as we quickly dig our way out of this predicament.

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