Beaufort County NOW Continues to Reach Out to the Community

    Beaufort County NOW is a Moderated Informational Platform, and I mention that often. The concept is that we publish all content that is of a fair quality that may be of some service to the community. We are a Social site, like a Facebook, but we are moderated for quality, and Social sites, like Facebook are not.

    Facebook is well proved to provide a platform for a wide swath of people based on a series of interconnected 'Likes' that weave individuals with marketed products, or 'Candy Crush' or the next 'flavor of the day'. Alternately, Beaufort County NOW provides information upon our platform for people who wish to process knowledge or to disseminate information to their community - no 'Likes', no'Candy Crush, not what I just ate; just real, useful information.

    Consequently, unlike Facebook, BCN does not want to know your 'Likes', so we can sell them to marketers, we only want your eyes, which we have - about 10,000 pairs every day. We want more pairs of eyes, but we also want your well considered conversation on any issue that would be of any real benefit to our community, both local and regional, and possibly beyond. Real knowledge is a necessary component to practice market driven commerce, the creation of better and useful tools, and the better functioning democracy of our representative Republic. BCN and now Beaufort County Business (BCB)are here to better accomplish our growing role to help disseminate that knowledge more efficiently.

    Many inspired folks now use BCN to further promote their sundry purposes, but still not everyone, and especially community institutions use BCN. We have, and do avail ourselves to everyone. If per chance, you do not see an institution that you are associated with, found in the tens of thousands of pages of BCN, know that all institutions have been personally contacted by BCN' If you wish that your group should be better promoted to all folks, you might want to give those in charge a nudge to do so. Heck, I'll even show them how to prepare a proper press release, teach them to transmit it - not just to BCN, but to every media presence that could help them better promote their purpose.

    'We're here to help', but my time is spare, so please, if you are an involved individual, and are truly interested in filling seats or scheduling successful events: Why would you not send a properly prepared press release to the largest, most visited online presence originating in Beaufort County?

    Smart executives use whatever tools that are at hand, especially when the cost to do so is NO CHARGE. We have 10,000 pairs of eyes, on average, everyday, and I restate the obvious: 'We're here to help'.

    And believe this as well: Not everyone that uses the internet searches through a very inefficient Facebook to discover what is going on where they live. For some of us, time is our most valuable resource, and real knowledge is our tool to better accomplish our purpose.

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